Monday, 9 January 2012


Something has to be done about Comments. Simply not allowing them, following my own practice here (although I don't delude myself that anyone would, even if allowed), is not the answer. The Guardian appears to follow a fairly pragmatic practice in whether or not it allows comments, to avoid the actionable or tedious, but an interesting article, such as this on reason and faith, will still rack up hundreds of comments. Entering there is like starting to wander across Morecambe Bay sands at low tide.

The only answer is for us all to be intellectually and culturally ranked. Perhaps Moody's, Standard and Poor's and the other ratings agencies - they must be looking for a new line of business the way things have been going - could do the job (or is it something for Experian?). Then we could sort all the comments by ranking them through a handy drop-down list by intellect or culture, just as we can do it on internet commerce sites by price or most popular or whatever.

A job well done